Random Thoughts/Fitness Friday

This is my 100th post! Yay me!

iPods. I love music...a lot. I listen to anything that makes me move - from Hip Hop to Pop, Gospel to Latin...if the beat is tight, I'm listening to it. I'm hardly ever in the mood to listen to just one type of music. My iPod playlist reflects that. I'm all about what makes my wanna dance (which is something I love doing). When I listen to my iPod, I usually put it on shuffle and let it play. Like now, I'm listening to 'I'm Gonna Live Til I Die' by Queen Latifah, which has a kind of Broadway feel to it. The next 4 songs are, 'I'd Like To' by Corinne Bailey Rae, 'What About Now' by Daughtry, 'Eres Para Mi' by Julieta Venegas, and 'Right Round' by Flo Rida. See what I'm talking about? Variety...that's what it's all about.

I have the 8GB Nano, which can hold up to 2000 songs. I'm in absolute musical heaven. Has anyone even reached 2000? I know it's possible, but sheesh. 2000 songs! 714. That's how many songs I have and the number is growing. I mean, as long as artists keep coming out with music, I'll have songs to download on my iPod.

Random Fun. I am a BIG fan of wordles/plexers, which are word riddles that make you think. You have to look at the riddle and try to figure out what it's trying to say. For example:

1. The word 'I' is written under the word 'Stand' which gives you the saying, 'I understand'.

2. The word 'deal' is written in big letters, so you get...'big deal'.

3. Can you guess this one?

4. What about this one?

Lenten Season. Today is the last day of Lenten season for me. Technically, Christians fast for 40 days (Ash Wednesday, February 25th - Palm Sunday, April 5th), but my family have always gone the extra week to Easter Sunday. I've been blessed these past 40 days, spending time with Jesus, falling more and more in love with Him. My sacrifice was not food. Giving up eating wouldn't have been a sacrifice for me since I actually don't eat enough in the first place. So, I sacrificed time, pop, and reading. No soda for me. I got up 15 minutes earlier in the morning for devotional time. I don't like getting up earlier than I have to, BUT I needed to start my day off right. The funny thing is, I'm sure I'll continue getting up. My day just isn't right if I don't start off with Jesus. And the reading? Oh boy was that a hard one. I gave up reading my fiction novels for 40 days, which is why my 'Books I've Read in 2009' list has shown the same books for the past month and a half. I think this was the hardest sacrifice because of how much I love reading. Yeah, I'm a nerd, I know (and proud of it). I did it because it got to a point where I was reading my novels more than I was reading my Bible or devotional books. So, anyway, I'm looking forward to reading a good fiction book, but not letting it get more important than reading the ultimate book.

Fitness Friday. I didn't lose another pound, but I'm okay with it. I still have one more week to reach my monthly goal...and even if I don't make it, I'll be happy.



Wordles Answers: 1) I understand; 2) big deal; 3) just between you and me; 4) sitting on top of the world. Wordles taken from:; http://http//