Random Thoughts Thursday

TAKS Test. So, next Tuesday, every 5th grader in the state of Texas will take the Math TAKS test. Both teachers and students have been preparing this whole year for this test. I've been working as a Math support teacher (extra help for those who struggle in Math) and have watched some of my kids struggle big time. They try so hard, but it's not clicking for some reason. It breaks my heart to see their frustration. I feel their pain...I really do. Math was my weakest subject. It still is. I struggled with math to the point of tears and frustration...disliked it since about the 6th grade. I'm only now, at 32, getting to the point of maybe liking it.

And don't get me started on the TAKS test as a whole. I'm not going to say anything about how I disagree with the amount of weight this test has on a student's future. I won't even mention that this test places an extreme amount of stress on our kids, some to the point of illness (I've seen kids get sick to the stomach). I'm not even going to speak about the fact that creative teaching is lost because teachers are forced to teach the test instead of just teach. I won't do it. Instead, I'll say:

  • Parents: This isn't an easy test. Try to make things a little easier for you 'babies' around this time. They've been working hard to get to this point and anything can hurt their chances of doing their best job.

  • Teachers: The time has come. You've worked hard getting your students ready. Now, it's up to them. You've done all you can. Don't stress (won't help you, so what's the point).

  • Students: You've worked hard for this. Remember, you are bigger than this test. Don't let it beat you. YOU CAN CONQUER IT! It's time to show everyone what you're made of. Go do your thing!

All students are in my prayers. I've given it to God, so should you. The rest of the TAKS dates are: April 7 - Grade 5 Math (English and Spanish) Grade 8 Math ; April 28 - Grades 3–4 Math (English and Spanish) Grade 6 Math (English and Spanish) Grade 7 Math Grade 10 Math; April 29 - Grade 4 Reading (English and Spanish) Grade 6 Reading (English and Spanish) Grade 7 Reading Exit Level Math; April 30 - Grade 8 Science Grade 9 Mathematics Grade 10 Science Exit Level Science; and May 1 - Grade 8 Social Studies Grade 10 Social Studies Exit Level Social Studies.

Dora's New Look.

I'm not going to go on a rant about this. I won't do it. Nope, you can't make me...

Parents opposed to the aging of Dora (she's 10 in this pic) says she looks too sexy. Ooookaaaay. They say she looks like a 'streetwalker' and a 'sexed-up version of a children's icon.' Really? 'Cause I don't see it. Some people are riled up because she's growing up. She's dressed just like any other tween girl her age. It's hard to think about, but, yes, girls are wearing lip gloss at 10 years old. Heck, I've seen 1st grade girls wearing lip gloss. Not saying it's right, it's just the way things are. Girls grow up. Can the girls who've watched her since they were infants get someone who looks like them now?

I don't know. I really don't see the problem. To me, they're making a big deal over nothing. The Rugrats had to grow up...why can't Dora? Can someone explain it to me?