Man-ificent Monday: Pit Bull

This week's cutie pie is none other than Armando Christian Pérez, aka Pit Bull, a Cuban American rapper from Miami. Pit Bull's hits include "Culo", "Hit the Floor" with Twista, "Ay Chico", "The Anthem" with Lil Jon, and more recently, "Krazy", "Hotel Room Service", and "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)". You can also hear him in Cypress Hill's new single, "Armada Latina," which I love btw. Now, there is something I'm not "krazy" about Pit Bull...he has a VERY hairy chest. But, that doesn't take away from his cuteness (as long as he keeps it covered, I'm straight). The things I like about Pit Bull? His gorgeous eyes (I must be an eye chick), his lips, and I LOVE his voice!

Word(s) to describe: Bombón!