Tickle-Me Tuesday

Here's a recent conversation between me and a nine year-old about our love for Disney channel:

Nine year-old: I like Sonny With a Chance and Good Luck Charlie. Do you like those shows?
Me: Well, I like Sonny With a Chance, but I haven't seen Good Luck Charlie. I don't have cable.
Nine year-old: *Gasp* You don't have cable? Well, what do you watch? You watch movies all day? (she says this like it's a fate worse than death)
Me: Nope. I sometimes watch regular channels.
Nine year-old: What's regular channels? (she says this with a perplexed look)
Me: You know. NBC...CBS...
Nine year-old: *Blank Stare*
Me: ABC...UPN...Fox
Nine year-old: *Blank Stare*
Me: Channels 2...11...13... (now I've got the perplexed look)
Nine year-old: *Blank Stare*
Me: Ay, forget it.

I guess not having cable/satellite is a sin this day and age. smh