Man-ificent Monday: Hines Ward

Though this week's cutie pie is more known for his moves on the field, for the past few months, he's been known for his moves on the dance floor. Hines Ward is a wide receiver of the Pittsburgh Steelers, but he's also one of the 3 finalists on Dancing With The Stars. Just last week, he not only earned the 1st perfect score of the season, he did it TWICE in one night. Can I just say I'm loving his bald look, dimples and his smile?

Word(s) to Describe: Cutie, Sexy, Smooth



Karen Strong said...

Nice to see a fellow UGA alumni featured! :)

I went to school with Hines. He was/is a sweetheart.

Rae said...

Watching him on DWTS, he seems like he'd be a sweetheart. Good to know his TV persona matches his real life one.

Traci said...

I agree, he's a super cutie and seems like he has a great personality.