Tickle-Me Tuesday

This week, I'm posting Beyonce's official "Run the World (Girls)" video. I must say, it's...different. The song is catchy and it gets your body moving. Plus, it's all about girl power...and I'm all for girl power. I'm still trying to figure out if I like it, though. Both the video and the song are getting mixed reviews.

I heart Beyonce. She's majorly talented (and gorgeous). I do believe she has a lot of haters in the midst, but whatever. Hate if you must, but the girl is talented. And loved. And did I say gorgeous? She represents Houston, TX well! One thing I can say, one of my life's mission is to be able to dance like these women in the video. To be able to move my body like them would be so awesome! I'm going to start working on it now. In my room. Alone. Away from public speculation. That way, the only ones who'll see me make a fool out of myself will be my stuffed animals. And I've already sworn them to secrecy.

So anyway, what do you think? Does B have another hit? Is her video hit or miss?



Traci said...

I do have to say that I do love Beyonce. She becomes a beast (in a good way) when performing. I love the post-apocalyptic style of the video. Thanks for posting this, I hardly ever watch Mtv and never look for new music vids. I love Tickle Me Tuesday.

Traci said...

It also has a little bit of a Love is a Battlefield element to it in the end.

Rae said...

Thanks! And Beyonce is a beast! That girl works her butt off in performing. I love B. I think the song itself is slowly growing on me. I respect her for having the courage to try something different from what she normlly does. And yeah it does have that element...the girls standing up to the man. And Pat Benatar is awesome.