Random Thoughts Thursday

Abu Dhabi. Well, folks. Today is the day. I have my final interview. This one is face-to-face with the actual people I will work for in Abu Dhabi. Am I nervous? YES! I'm always nervous when it comes to interviews. I'm good, though, cos I'm covered in prayer. I don't think I'd find out the same day, but I'll keep everyone posted.

Remember I said earlier this year that 2011 was all about change for me...God taking me out of my comfort zone. Abu Dhabi is definitely a step out. Well, more like a giant leap, but you get the idea. God revealed something else to me: this whole process is also a step out of zone. Let me explain. The old Rae wouldn't have even entertained the thought of applying to teach out of the country. It's so far away from my family, friends, church, and all that I know. Even if the old Rae had had a moment of insanity and applied, she would've chickened out and not gone through with the process. But, God has done something within me that I hadn't noticed til He showed me. He's changed my way of thinking. He's matured me, even in this short period of time. I'm actually thinking and excited about going to the other side of the myself, with no family or friends. See? This whole Abu Dhabi process in itself is a step for me.

So, if, for whatever reason, they don't hire me, I won't be heartbroken. If I don't go to Abu Dhabi, I'll have to make sure the growth that God has put me through sticks with me...that I step out of my comfort zone while I'm here in the States. I'm tired of letting fear hold me back. I'm so glad God has given me a little peek into what He's doing in my life. Whether I'm hired or not, I'm coming away from this experience with something cool: an open mind and a new perspective. And I'm ok with that. BUT...going to Abu Dhabi would be such a cool experience.

Dancing With The Stars. Why oh why did Romeo go home? As much as I love Ralph Macchio - I mean, I had a mad crush on him as Karate Kid - I think he should have been the one to go. Sad to see Romeo go. I understand, though. When it comes down to it, the original Karate Kid has more fans on his side. I must say that I'm loving Romeo's positive spirit. Society as a whole usually view young African American men as thugs, prisoners, drug dealers, etc. He shatters that image. And though he favors his dad, Master P, he looks soooooo much better than him. I'm just saying...

So, who are my choices for the top 3? I'd say Hines Ward and Chelsea Kane will definitely be there. Between Kirstie Alley and Ralph Macchio...that's a hard one. I'm thinking Kirstie. It's hard for me to choose who I want to win. I mean, there's the cutie pie football player (I heart the Steelers), the Disney star (I'm a Disney fan), the original Karate Kid (mad crush), and the plus size diva (I'm definitely team plus size, plus I LOVED the TV show, Cheers). Who shall I choose? Decisions decisions...



Sig Wynne-Evans said...

Good luck! I can hardly wait to see if you got the job! I hope you do! I would love to hear about your experiences!

You will never know the world until you travel. There is sooo much to see.

Those who do not travel, are like those who only read one page of a book. They miss a lot!


Rae said...

Thanks, Sig! I'll know either tomorrow or Tuesday. And believe me, I'll definitely be blogging about my experiences. I've always loved traveling, but moving to another country is something new for me.