Random Thoughts Thursday

Dancing With The Stars. What were y'all thinking? Vote Lil Kim off? That wasn't a very smart decision, I must say. I mean, Ty is very likable, I admit. He has a certain...aura or air about him that kinda makes it hard not to like him. And he has improved since he first started. But, unfortunately, DWTS is not about who's the most likable or who's improved the most. It's about who's the best dancer and Ty isn't one of the top. Lil Kim was. In the top 4, I saw Melissa, Gilles, Shawn, and Lil Kim, not Melissa, Gilles, Shawn, and Ty. Again I ask, what were y'all thinking? I was so...I don't know, surprised? Pissed? Shocked? All of the above? LIL KIM SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE SEMI FINALS...NO, SHE SHOULD'VE BEEN IN THE FINALS. I am so not a happy camper. So, I said earlier that I wanted either Lil Kim or Shawn to win it. Obviously Lil Kim can't, so I'm voting for Shawn (although I'm thinking Melissa or Gilles will probably take the trophy home). And what was up with Bruno's comment Monday night, "You try to be a lady, but you're more comfortable being a tramp..." I mean, really Bruno? Lost some serious cool points for that one. I'm thinking (hoping) he meant she's more comfortable doing the fast, booty shaking dances than the slow ones. But still. He must not've heard about the 'Think before you speak' phenomena...

NBA Playoffs. It's one of my favorite times of the year. NBA playoffs. And the Rockets are in the West Semi-finals for the first time since 1997! I'm so proud of them. So they lost last night. The thing is, they're not giving up, despite the fact that they're playing the Lakers and people seem to think they'll fall flat on their face (cause, come on, it's the Lakers). I, for one, believe they can take the Lakers, but that's just me. I am NOT a fan of Kobe, so I really want the Rockets to beat LA, whether it takes them 7 games to do it (which, I think it will) or not. And, besides, I love it when the Rockets are the underdogs. I seem to remember a time when the Rockets were the underdogs of the NBA playoffs and they ended up becoming the champs...twice (remember Clutch City, 1994 & 1995). I don't see any reason why we can't do it again. What about the Kobe-Artest/Fisher situations...must we result to this (Lakers)? Do you think Kobe will be reprimanded (if it shows that he did indeed elbow Artest above the shoulders)? No special treatment! If he did it, he should be suspended (but it's Kobe...excuse me for sounding doubtful). Fisher was wrong, too. Anyway, the next game is here in Houston. LET'S GO ROCKETS!!