Random Thoughts Thursday

NBA Finals. Well, my Rockets didn't win game 7 on Sunday against the Lakers. My poor, poor broken heart. Oh, well. I'm still proud of them. They went farther than so many people thought they'd go. So, Lakers (and Lakers fans), while you're cheering and moving on to the Western Conference Finals, ask yourself, 'How in the world did we let a team, whose big name players (McGrady, Ming, and Mtumbo) sat on the bench during most of the series, force us to game 7?'

Now that my beloved Rockets won't be in the finals, who do I want to see play for the coveted title of 2009 NBA World Champs (along with the rings and trophy)? While I'm not a Kobe fan, and I would love to see a fellow Houstonian (Orlando's Rashard Lewis) get a ring, I'd really like to see Los Angeles Lakers vs. Cleveland Cavaliers. That would be the game to the 'old' days of Jordan vs. Magic Johnson or Jordan vs. Bird...two talented teams - Lakers (as much as I'm not crazy about the Lakers, you've got to admit they're good) and Cavaliers; two dominating players - Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. I'm not on the 'I Love Kobe' bandwagon, but I'd be out of mind to say he's not awesome on the court. And LeBron? Wow! Michael Jordan will always be the best to me, though. I still love watching old clips of 'Air Jordan'. Anyway, I want to see the Lakers vs. the Cavs, Bryant vs. James, in the finals with, of course, James and the Cavs taking the trophy home.

Dancing With The Stars. YAY! SHAWN JOHNSON WON. WOOHOO. This almost makes up for the Rockets' loss. I still think Lil Kim should've been in the finals, but whatever. The underdog has prevailed!

Summer. My oh my, where has the time gone? May is almost over already! Summer vacation is right around the corner. So, how will I spend my summer? It won't be like last summer, where I spent a glorious 5 weeks in Cuernavaca, Mexico (gorgeous place, btw). I'll be working (gotta pay bills), writing (gotta finish my books), and working out (gotta get ready for Puerto Rico in December). I'm sacrificing my summer travel so I can have money for my December trip. I'm sure it'll all be worth it when I'm chilling on a beautiful beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 7 months. This summer, I've also got to work on my Spanish. Watching Spanish novelas (Telemundo's, El Rostro de Analia, is my addiction) is really helping me. Surprisingly, I'm understanding most of what they're saying. I have to have my bilingual sister talking to me in completely in Spanish so I can practice speaking it. The only problem? She's like a drill sergeant when it comes to teaching me Spanish...scary. ::shudder:: The reason I am excited about December:
People En Espanol. Speaking of learning Spanish...Reading Spanish magazines helps also. I love buying People En Espanol and, the latest issue has Los 50 Mas Bellos, or the 50 Most Beautiful. Here are just a few:

Selena Gomez(Wizards of Waverly Place)

Karla Monroig (El Rostro de Analia)
Jencarlos Canela (Mas Sabe El Diablo)
Anthony Romeo Santos (singer from Aventura) Manolo Cardona (Beverly Hills Chihuahua, El Cartel)



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hola son lindos roxana