Random Thoughts Thursday

My Next Reality Show Obsession. Well, this season of Dancing With The Stars has ended (yay, Shawn Johnson). Lucky for me, the end of one good thing brings the beginning of another. Can you guess what reality show I'll be watching faithfully this summer? Hint: It's the same kind of reality show as DWTS. Give up? So You Think You Can Dance. I guess you can tell I love dance reality shows (which explains why the main character of my current work in progress, Who's Got Tha Moves, is competing in one). I mentioned in an earlier blog post that, when I was younger, I just knew I'd be a dancer. While I didn't fulfill that dream, I still love dancing, hence my obsession with dance reality shows. I'm going to have SO much fun when I get to writing the actual competition part. And I'm going to have SO much fun researching (watching my dance reality shows).

New Writing Challenge. This summer, Karen Strong, a fellow writer is holding a summer challenge that I plan to join ( From June 1, 2009 to August 31, 2009, we'll be attempting to write 500 words every day (3500 words/week). It sounds easy, but add the stresses of everyday life, and it can be difficult to find writing time. I think I can do it, though. So, starting Monday, I'll be posting my progress once a week. Wish me luck! Or join if you like.

WTF! So, I read the story about the 29 year-old Tennessee man who has 21 kids. 21 kids! WTF? That's not all though. He has at least 11 baby mamas. AT LEAST! Which means there's a possibility of more. And, in the interview (he was on the local news in Knoxville, Tennessee), he mentioned that the mothers knew about the other kids. I mean, really?

Summer Writing Plans. Between finishing my 2nd work in progress and re-strategizing my 1st, I'm thinking maybe, probably, possibly...I MIGHT add a Writing Wednesday to my blog. I'm not quite sure yet. It's still in the plans. I guess I'd have to make up my mind soon, 'cause summer's starting soon, right? More information later...

Technological Needs. Hi, my name is Raenice, and I have an serious addiction. It's called BlackBerry Curve. I LOVE my BlackBerry. I got it in February and haven't looked back since. It's something serious, y'all. Like, I put important days in there so I can remember. I can check my email/Facebook/Myspace from the phone (which cuts down on my computer time). The screen is bigger than my other phone, so looking at pictures and watching videos is awesome. And those times when I have a burst of writing brilliance (when I'm sleep), all I have to do is reach for my BlackBerry and type what's on my mind. I save it, go back to sleep and don't think about it, 'til the next day. If I need to look up something quick, instead of having to wait until the computer is on, I can search the internet on my phone. And I'm still learning about the greatness that is BlackBerry. Did I say I love my BlackBerry? Am I the only addicted to this phone? This is an example of what my phone looks like...except I'm a bit clumsy, so mine has a few nicks on it from my dropping it (I know) and I have a pic of my handsome nephews on the screen.
Til next time...