Random Thoughts Thursday Part 1

I've had a lot on my mind, so RTT will be split into 2 posts.

ABDC. Ok, I'm all for diversity, but why in the h@## is Vogue Evolution still on ABDC? Am I the only one NOT crazy about them? They've had some pretty good moves at times, but they weren't dynamic. I mean, Artistry in Motion was better and they're no longer there. And We Are Heroes was in the bottom 2 last week. WTH? Next week, either VE or Afroborike should be going home. This season PALES in comparison to the other ABDC seasons. I'm still waiting for them to wow me. Anyway, my vote goes to Rhythm City - with We Are Heroes (or maybe Massive Monkeys) being 2nd place.

Movies. What's with the remakes of old movies? Do we not have writers with enough creativity to come up with some ORIGINAL movies? I mean, come on! Karate Kid, Wizard of Oz, Halloween 2...the list goes on. They're even remaking The Last Dragon! A classic (yet cheesy) movie. The Last Dragon is one of my favorite movies. And just who will they get to play the main character, Bruce Leroy (yeah, the name's cheesy, I know)? Who's fine enough? Who's athletic enough (in martial arts)? Who has the cheesiness/innocence that Bruce Leroy had? Not even Will Smith (a very talented and good looking actor) can play BL in my eyes. Personally, I think they should've left The Last Dragon alone, but who am I. I'd go see the movie just out of curiosity, in hopes that they would not mess up a classic. I'd be SO upset if they do...unless Taimak (man who played Bruce Leroy) is in the remake, too. Then I'd love the movie no matter how sucky it may be.

Here's Taimak then

And here's Taimak now. See why I wouldn't mind seeing him in the movie?

Speaking of remakes. I am looking forward to seeing Fame. It's just that I LOVED the TV show...the few times I watched it when I was younger. Remember, I wanted to be a dancer when I was a little girl, so I loved any show with dancers (Solid Gold & Fame being the top). And speaking of movies with dancing...I was hoping Bring It On: Fight to the Finish would be at Redbox. I know, they shoulda stopped at the first Bring It On...& this movie may suck, but I wanna see it (remember I like dancing movies...which, they are cheerleaders, but they dance too). Redbox is the only way to guarantee that I won't be so upset with wasting my money. It costs $1 to rent from Redbox.

And, I went to see District 9 this past weekend. Didn't like it much. It took too long to get to the point. By the time it got to the action, I was ready to go. And the fact that the aliens looked like giant cockroaches messed it up for me. I HATE cockroaches!

The First Lady's New Do. OMG, who cares whether or not she cut hair? Obviously, they've run out of newsworthy stories (don't see how that happens, though). Get a life! And she didn't cut it, her hair is pinned. *sigh* She's still elegant and classy as usual.

Duggars 19th Child. WTH? 19 kids? More power to them, I guess. I, on the other hand, only want 2...3 if I must. 19 kids...smh.