Random Thoughts Thursday

America's Best Dance Crew. Sad to see Massive Monkeys go, but at least We Are Heroes are in the finals. They had the best performance of the night last Sunday. They are America's Best Dance Crew. Afroborike shouldn't have gone this far, imho, but whatever. I mean, they're good, but not the best. If you watch most (if not all) of their performances, you'd see that their routines are very sexual (proof that sex sells). Whatever. I'm hoping Sunday night will find We Are Heroes as the winners. They've been one of the best groups this whole season (besides Rhythm City).

Dancing With the Stars. Oooh! Another dance show. America's Best Dance Crew, So You Think You Can Dance, AND Dancing With the Stars? I'm in heaven! I missed most of the men's performances Monday cos it came on at the same time as Heroes. Out of the women, I think Mya and Joanna will be the ones to beat. Lyn was so wrong for giving Mya a five on her waltz, but who am I? I did think Kelly did good on her waltz. It was kinda cool seeing her all dolled up and graceful. She just might surprise us. I have to see the men dance again to see who I'd think would make it. I missed yesterday's show. I'm not surprised Macy Gray left first. Did you see her relay dance? At least she tried...

Season Premieres. They're baaaaack! I'm so glad my shows are back, despite the changes. I think I enjoyed CSI Miami the most. Did you see Horatio? He finally showed emotion. Like real emotion. He didn't show that kind of emotion when his wife, Marisol, died. Oh, but when Eric was touch and go, Horatio broke down. Very emotional episode. It doesn't help knowing that Adam Rodriguez is leaving the show. And The Great Sunglass Mystery of CSI Miami has been solved. Those sunglasses that Horatio wears in, like, every episode? Yeah, that was Eric's doing.

Sadly, I missed the season premieres of Law & Order SVU and Criminal Minds (I had a class to go to at church...more important than TV, I know, but still), but I can catch them online. New shows that I may like: NCIS Los Angeles and Flash Forward. Season Premiere I'm still looking forward to: Ugly Betty, which will premiere in about 2 weeks.

Happy Times. Well, Monday is my 33rd birthday! Thank God for letting me live to see another one (assuming I don't die within the next 3 days). And to celebrate, I'm going to Chicago, my birthplace and home for the first 8 years of my life. I leave tomorrow, which reminds me, I have to finish packing. Of course, I'm bringing my camera, so pics and stories will be posted when I get back. Two things I'm seriously looking forward to? White Castle and KarmelKorn. My mouth is watering at the thought of being able to eat these. Here in Houston, we have White Castle freezer food, but it is NOT the same as the real thing. And KarmelKorn...let me stop before I start drooling, which would be gross and unladylike, but given the fact that it's KARMELKORN I'm thinking about, I'd say I have a good excuse.

So, I'm off to pack now. I'm so excited about this trip!