Random Thoughts Thursday Part 1

I've spent most of the day outside enjoying Houston's beautiful, breezy fall weather. Now, I'm paying for it cos my allergies have gone haywire. Ugh! Anyway, my thoughts for the week:

ABDC. NOOOO! My top groups went home Sunday! BOOOOO! It's bad enough this season isn't as good as the previous ones, but now, one of the best groups is now gone. *sigh* So, here's my pick for the remaining three: 3rd place, Afroborike (really, they shouldn't be here over Rhythm City, but whatever); 2nd place, Massive Monkeys; and 1st place: We Are Heroes. I guess we'll see. I'm so disappointed...

VMAs. This year's show was very interesting to say the least. To me, the best parts were the MJ tribute, Beyonce's performance, and Jay Z's performance with Alicia Keys (minus Lil Mama...wth was she doing on the stage). Lady GaGa was mildly disturbing all night from exiting the limo with Kermit as her date (Publicity stunt, I know...I refuse to think she's really that cookoo) to her choice in outfits (What was up with that red number?).

And her performance? *shudder* I totally get what she's saying about the paparazzi, but, gah! That ending...smh Can you say nightmares?

And let's not forget about Kanye taking the mike from Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech and declaring that Beyonce's vid was the best of the year.

While I agree that Beyonce's vid was better - I mean, I LOVED Taylor Swift's vid, but it wasn't better than B's - I don't agree with what Kanye did. Poor Taylor. At least winning her first VMA will be memorable. And what Beyonce did at the end was classy. Say what you want about Mrs. HOV, it was really big of her to give Taylor Swift a chance to finish her acceptance speech on her (B's) time.

And the hoopla about President Obama calling Kanye a jack***...#1, the convo was supposed to be off the record, so it shouldn't have been tweeted (but from what I read, they say it was a misunderstanding). #2, The pres only told the truth. Sunday night, Kanye West did, in fact, behave like a jack***. I know he's since apologized, but that doesn't take away from the fact that he went too far. President Obama only said what other peeps were feeling.

Jay-Z. Made history with his 11th album, Blueprint 3, which pushed him past Elvis Presley as the solo act with the most top albums. Jay Z + Hip Hop = Pure Awesomeness! I guess you can tell I'm a MAJOR fan of Jay!!!