Random Thoughts Thursday Part 2

Laser Eye Surgery.I've been so busy, that I'd forgotten that last Tuesday was the 4-year anniversary of my Lasik eye surgery. Doesn't matter to you, but it matters to me. I'd only worn glasses for 5 years before my surgery, but boy was that enough. They were annoying. It was a spur of the moment thing, I went to see if I qualified, I did so I signed up. 20 minutes (10 on each eye) and $3000 later, I donated my glasses. No pain - well, except from the pain of having to shell out $3000 - and no regrets. I am SO glad I had the surgery.

California District Closes Libraries.Wow. What's next? Closing down the schools?

Toy Commercials.Is it me or are there not a lot of commercials advertising toys anymore? When I was a kid, there were commercials about Barbies, My Little Pony, GI Joe, etc. Now, I don't see them advertising toys that much anymore. Now, it's all about the video games. Are there ANY children who still plays with toys?

Reading Workshop.So, I read a NYT article about reading workshop and letting kids pick the books they have to read instead of forcing them to read the classics. While I agree children should be exposed to all types of literature, including the classics, I don't agree that these books should be the only books student read. We wonder why we have so many aliterate children (those who read, but choose not to). If you ask most teens, or even any adults, who hate reading, and they'll tell you, part of the reason why they can't stand to read is because of the books that were shoved down their throats in school. I LOVED this article. This teacher went against tradition and is making a difference. Some of her students who hated reading previously are now reading...and liking it. Why? She let them choose the novels they were to read.

I'm not planning to go back to the classroom, oh, but if I did, this would be one thing I'd be doing...going against tradition. As you can see, reading motivation and aliteracy is very near and dear to my heart. I plan to do more research on this, starting with my dissertation (which is on hold). I want to find out why kids, especially teens, aren't reading and what can we do to stop them from becoming aliterate adults.

Los 25 Hombres Mas Guapos.And I'm ending my 2-part Random Thoughts Thursday on a high note: CUTIE PIES! I'm a visual visually pleasing stuff and men are no exception. I got my People en Espanol in the mail (I get it to practice my Spanish) and imagine my delight when the cover story was Los 25 Hombres Mas Guapos - the 25 most handsome men. Visually pleasing indeed! Here are just a few:

Pedro Moreno: the whole reason why I got hooked on El Rostro de Analia.

Jencarlos Canela: the whole reason why I watch Mas Sabe el Diablo

Jencarlos again cos he's just so dang gorgeous.

Juanes: love his music

William Levy

That is all.



Karen Strong said...

Congrats on your Lasik surgery. I'm still on the fence--mostly because I'm a scared punk, LOL.

Ah, and thanks for the "visuals." Beautiful men always seem to brighten my day!

Rae said...

I say go for it. Like I said, there was no pain. It was weird cos I could kinda see what they were doing, but I couldn't feel it. And my vision was clear as soon as they helped me off the table.

And no problem about the visuals. I figured why enjoy them by myself when I could make someone else's day, LOL! :)