Man-ificent Monday: Columbus Short

This week's cutie pie is 27 year old actor and choreographer, Columbus Short. A fact I didn't know: he choreographed one of Britney Spear's tours (the Onyx Hotel Tour, for Britney fans). Columbus Short is known for his role as DJ in Stomp the Yard. He's also had roles in This Christmas, Cadillac Records, and Death at a Funeral. Columbus will reprise his role as DJ in Stomp the Yard 2. What do I first notice about Mr. Short? His beautiful smile and kissable lips. I'm a sucker for guys with gorgeous smiles and full lips!

Word(s) to describe: Enticing; Charming; Yum!



Anonymous said...

Lo amo! esa lo mejor del mundo! podrias tener mas fotos jajaja