Writing Wednesday: Sharing the Spotlight

Have you ever had a story that just wasn't gellin with you? My first WW story was ok, but it wasn't gellin with me as much as I'd have liked it to be. So, I've changed it a bit...ok, maybe more than a bit. Some of the characters are still the same, but some are gone (yeah, I had to get rid of those babies) and some are added. This story is just right. This post will only introduce the story and characters, then on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday, the story will unfold. And I still suck at titles and synopses, but I'm working on it. Without further ado...

Title: Sharing the Spotlight

Synopsis: Niki and Ren are complete opposites. While Niki is tall and model-thin; Ren is short and curvy. Niki lives for fashion; Ren is all about jeans and tees. Niki thrives on being the center of attention; Ren prefers fading into the background. Despite the differences, the sisters remain close...that is, until they end up sharing the spotlight.

Characters: Using pics of people who resemble my characters...

Nikole "Niki" Blake: 18

Tierney "Ren" Blake: 16

Arianna "Ari" Gibson: 16; Ren's bff

Eva Cates: 18; Niki's bff

Marcelles Wade: 18; Niki's other bff

Trey Taylor: 16; Ren's boyfriend

Sam Fisher: 19; Niki's boyfriend

Ryan Blake: 13