Mindless Chatter

So, I've gone through another change...nothing important. I am now a red-head. Well, it's actually a copperish red, but red nonetheless. Those who know me also know that I get bored very easily with my hair. The change before this one was a haircut, where I went from hair past my shoulders to a cute little bob.

The time before that, I'd had cornrows...and the time before that I'd died my hair honey blonde - which made my hair, skin, and eyes kind of the same color...sounds weird, but oddly enough, it was cute.

Last weekend, I was at the store (to buy a spiral and pen, mind you) and my legs led me to the hair aisle. I'd text my sis so she could be the voice of reason (she's normally the one that stops me), but she didn't answer back. Clearly, my becoming a red head is her fault...she wasn't there when I needed her. So, anyway, I picked up the honey blonde color, figuring, why mess with a good thing? But I saw 'Vivacious Red' and knew I had to have it.
I've always wanted to try red, and my sister wasn't there to be my voice, so, I got it. Really, I picked it up, put it back, went to get my spiral notebook & pen, headed back towards the hair products, changed my mind and went to get a Pepsi, then walked back to get my know, to give my sister time to text me back. She failed to answer the sister/best friend in crisis call. So, what could I do? Ignore the urge to try something different? I think not!

I was a little nervous - okay, I was very nervous. What if it didn't turn out right? But last Sunday, I went through with it and I love it. I'd have to go to my beautician to get my hair the exact red on the box, which is actually a thought. Here's a pic of my new hair color. Now, in the picture, you can see the color more on my ends, but you'd see it better in person, especially in the sun. Hmm...I wonder what my next hair change is going to be? Braids? Cornrows? I'm actually really feeling that red on the box, so, I'm thinking, trip to the beautician...or another try at home. I know, I know. I'm crazy!