Fitness Friday

Completely forgot to post yesterday. Truthfully, I was all headache-y & tired, so I didn't use the computer long. Anyway, January is ending. I didn't do too bad with sticking to good eating habits and exercise. I did fall - several times, in fact (didn't feel like exercising, savoring junk food here and there), but the important thing is I got back up. The result? I've lost a total of 3 pounds this month. Yay me! Starting next month, I'm following inches lost too. So, yeah...I'm doing my thang! Now, if I could just lower my BP even more, I'll be in heaven. It was still high last week when I went to the doctor. I have to go again next week so they can monitor it again. Hopefully, it'll be ok. It is decreasing though...slowly, but surely. Did I mention that patience isn't a strong suit of mine?