Random Thoughts Thursday

Jury Duty. Ugh. Had to do it yesterday. Spending hours in the jury assembly room, waiting to see if they'll call my number to go on the jury selection, only to find out that they (the court) won't be doing jury selection at all...not how I wanted to spend my day. And all this for a whopping $6. Yay me.

Child Abuse. I can't, for the life of me, understand how someone can physically harm a child. I'm not talking about spankings, which I do believe in. I'm talking about beatings, torture, sexual abuse. The "Baby Grace" case is so sad. Her mom beat her and dunked her head in a tub full of cold water while her stepdad flung her across the room several times, which eventually led to her death. They placed her body in a trunk and dumped it in Galveston Bay. I mean, really? The baby, a beautiful, sweet-faced girl named Riley, was only 2! During the torture, she even reached out for her mother and said "I love you" in pleas to make it stop. My heart is breaking just thinking about the pain little Riley had to go through before she died. She didn't deserve it at all. I don't care how difficult she may have been. My nephews are a handful, but NEVER have I thought about flinging them across the room, dunking their head in a tub full of water, or anything even remotely close to that. They're my babies! I can't even fathom harming them in those ways, not even in their most challenging times.

And what about the Missouri father who not only allegedly sexually abused his teen daughter for years, but also fathered her 4 children. Three of the 4 children are deceased (the remains of 2 of them were found in coolers). The father said he knew for sure that 2 of his daughter's children were his, which means he did commit incest, there's no "allegedly" about it. The other sad thing about this, besides the abuse, is that the mother allegedly knew about the abuse and did nothing about it.

My heart literally hurts when I think about how horrible some parents/adults treat children. It takes some very sick people (and maybe even demented) to hurt kids like that. WHAT ARE WE DOING TO OUR CHILDREN, PEOPLE?

Let me move on before I cry. Now on to a lighter and happier topic...

Essence Superbowl Hotties. So, the Superbowl is this Sunday and I'm looking forward to it. Who will I go for? What team will I be cheering on this Sunday? Choices, choices! I like the Steelers, but I'm a sucker for underdog teams, so, this is hard for me. I think my heart belongs to the Steelers, though. I was with them when they won in 2006 and I'm with them now.

Anyway, in honor of the Superbowl, Essence Magazine showcased a few of the players (online) from both teams ( You know I had to look - can't pass up ogling...I mean, admiring gorgeous men. My favorites? Larry Foote (first pic) and Troy Polamalu (with his GORGEOUS hair - 2nd pic)...both Steelers men.

I'm looking forward to the Superbowl commercials, too. GO STEELERS!!!!