Random Thoughts Thursday

President Obama's Inauguration. Words that describe Tuesday: awesome, cool, inspiring...the list goes on. It was a historical moment and I'm glad I'm alive to witness it. Did I think America would really elect it's first African American president in my lifetime? Well, I'd hoped and prayed, but always had doubt.

That this country, with its history of racism/sexism towards minority groups, can look past a person's color and elect him as president...awesome. Looking at the sea of people who were blessed enough to be in D.C. in person and seeing the different races/colors together cheering, crying, and hugging each other...very tear-worthy. It's like I wanted to say, "Your work wasn't in vain," to all the countless people - whatever the race - who were instrumental in the civil rights everyone, living or deceased, who fought for equal rights for everyone. America still has issues - and what country doesn't - but I'm proud of how far we've come. I can only pray that the younger generations truly see and understand how significant Tuesday was. There's a cool video on the 44 presidents at:

Did you see how they looked at each other during their first dance as pres/first lady? I love Etta James' song, 'At Last', so much, that I'd decided (last year) that it would be the song my hubby and I would dance to - when the time comes for me to get married. Great minds think alike, huh?