Book Review: Sassy by Sharon Draper

Genre: Chapter Book

It isn't easy being the youngest. Just ask nine year-old, Sassy Simone Sanford. According to Sassy, she's "the one who has to settle for the last piece of chicken on the plate...who's stuck with the last slice of bread in the loaf...the one who gets the last choice of jelly beans in the candy bowl." Her family has a habit of calling her 'Little Sister' instead of her name, a habit Sassy seriously wishes they'd drop.

Being the youngest and smallest doesn't stop Sassy from making life an adventure, though. From jazzing up her boring school uniform (adding glitter nail polish and shimmery, bubble gum-smelling lip gloss) to carrying her dazzling 'Sassy Sack' (a purple, silver, pink, and magenta handbag that holds a gazillion things), Sassy's sparkling personality shines through. And when her family has to count on her to get them out of a scary situation, Sassy learns that good things really do come in small packages.

The thing that first attracted me to this book was the cover - just as sparkly as Sassy's personality. When I started reading, I realized the cover wasn't the only good thing about the book. I truly enjoyed reading about Sassy, who lives up to her name. I loved everything about the book: the cover, characters, plot, setting...this book was awesome! It kept my attention from beginning to end. I already knew Sharon Draper was a talented writer from reading her YA books. With Sassy, Ms. Draper proves that she's just as talented in writing outside of YA. This book is perfect for young tween girls, especially for African American girls. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the Sassy series, Sassy: The Birthday Storm (which I've already bought).

Rating: 5/5