Random Thoughts Thursday

HAITI. Wow! My heart and prayers go out to the survivors and anyone else affected by Tuesday's earthquake. I can't even imagine. The country was already poverty ridden and now this. It warms my heart when I see people coming together to help. Unfortunately, I'm not financially able to help, but I am spiritually able. I'm glad I serve a God who answers prayers and comforts His people in times of trouble.

RUSH LIMBAUGH/PAT ROBERTSON. I get upset every time I think about what these two have said about the Haiti crisis. I mean, really, Mr. Robertson? I wonder if he said America deserved it when 9/11 happened. I mean, this country, as a whole, is slowly trying to erase God and the name of Jesus out of daily life. We as a country are straying far from God and His principles. Does that mean we deserved 9/11? My problem with this is more the judgemental tone that underlines it. We as Christians are not called to judge others. We're not called to point fingers at people who may not believe like we do. We are called to be the salt of the show the world God's goodness and love. We are called to be compassionate...not judgemental.

And Rush Limbaugh...smh. Barack Obama is the President of the United States. Get over it! Why he continues to hate on the pres is beyond me. Why would Obama use Haiti's crisis to increase his approval rating among "light-skinned and dark-skinned blacks"? He already had an overwhelmingly amount of blacks, light or dark, who approved of him. What sense does that statement make, Mr. Limbaugh? None! I wonder if he said President Bush used the tsunami of Indonesia to increase his approval rating of Asian Americans.

UGLY BETTY. Wasn't last night's episode just sad and happy at the same time? I loved it. And I absolutely LOVE Hilda and Bobby's relationship. I hope Adam Rodriguez gets to stay on Ugly Betty for a long time.

NEW BUSINESS. So, I found that business ownership runs deep in my siblings and my veins on both sides of the family. My mom's grandparents owned several businesses before she was born. My dad's mom owned a nightclub that started off as a small idea. My parents are business owners, too. No wonder my brother, sister, and I are working to realize our dreams of becoming entrepreneurs. It's like we had to!

So, I'm turning my passion to profits. One of my passions is children and teens. I believe they are the reason God put me on this earth. I've already mentioned AYM Enrichment, my sister and my enrichment venture, of which we're working to get our own building. Another passion is writing, which explains why I'm an aspiring author of children and teen books. Yet another passion of mine is baking. I LOVE to bake. It's actually a stress reliever for me. Put me in the kitchen to bake cookies, cakes, and pies, and my worries go away. Enter GaGa's Goodies, my sister and my other business venture. GaGa was the name my mom and her siblings gave my great grandmother, who died 7 months before I was born. I share my love of baking (and my middle name) with her. Although I've never met her, I feel closest to her when I'm in the kitchen. It was the GaGa's angel that saved me when I was a baby...a story for another time. I decided on GaGa's Goodies because most of the recipes we have come from our grandmothers (GaGa, my mom's mother, and my dad's mother). I'm excited about this. I'm excited about my new career choices!