Inspirational Sunday

"Now an angel of the Lord said to Philip, 'Go south to the road - the desert road - that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza.' So he started out..."
Acts 8:26-27

Rae's Thought: Can you imagine Philip's surprise when the angel told him to go to the desert? The verses before show Philip preaching in Samaria and, as a result, a spiritual awakening occurring. So now, God asks him to leave this place of great revival to go to the desert, for a reason unknown to him. Again I ask, can you imagine Philip's surprise? He may have wondered, "Why in the world is He sending me there" but he did something extraordinary: he went. Instead of complaining or begging God to allow him to stay and revel in the revival, Philip obeyed. Despite the weirdness of it, Philip "started out..."

What is God telling you to do that feels so off the wall? Maybe He's telling you to do something that seems so out of character for you. Maybe He's just telling you to do something that seems impossible. Whatever it is, do it. What happened with Philip? At the same exact time he reached his destination, a caravan passed by with an Ethiopian eunuch. This eunuch happened to be reading the book of Isaiah and stuck on a prophesy of Jesus. Philip witnessed to the eunuch and told him about Jesus, which caused him to become a believer and get baptized. This eunuch no doubt went back to Ethiopia and told others about Jesus. Awesome, isn't it?

"We must learn to obey whether or not it seems to make sense" (Avery Willis, MasterLife: The Disciple's Personality). Obviously God knows what's going to happen, even when you don't. He's confident that things will work out, even when you're not. Remember, His calling you isn't for you, but for the ones you'll touch and, ultimately, for His glory. When God leads you to do something, be obedient and watch God work!