Writing Wednesdays

I've tweaked my Writing Wednesdays a little bit. I will make Sharing the Spotlight posts only once a month. Other Wednesday posts will be all about...yep, you guessed it. Writing. Whether I find a helpful article, blog post, etc, on the web or I'm updating progress on my current wips, these posts will be on Wednesdays.

I added 2 word count meters to my blog so I can keep track of my writing. Who's Got the Moves is the novel I'm working on now. I hit a snag cos of summer (thought I'd get a lot of writing done, but I didn't), but I'm over the snag. Note to self: update word count meter. I thought I'd get started on novel #3, tentatively titled, Harmonie's Song, but I'm feeling the need to get novel #1 (no title) out and revise.

I love writing!



Rachel said...

I love your titles! One is YA and one is. . . MG, is that right?

I know, writing is fun, huh?

Rae said...

Thanks! Who's Got The Moves and Harmonie's Song are YA. Novel #2 is MG. I had a title for #2, but I wasn't crazy about it. So far, the new title is The Incredibly Rocky Life of Zachary Barnes.

And, yes. Writing is fun.