Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 34th birthday. No, I didn't celebrate it in a big way...although my sis did through a surprise party for me Sunday. I know. Awesome little sis, right? I'm just happy that God has allowed me another year. This just means He's not done with me yet. I still got work to do for His kingdom!

Now, 35...that's another story. If God allows me to see my 35th, I'm doing it big. I'm going to start planning early. The way I look at it, when I turn 35 next year, I can either stay at home, lamenting over the fact that I'm only 5 years away from 40, OR I can celebrate the fact that I'm alive. I choose option b. I'm okay with aging. I think I'm getting better in everything with age. I like where I'm at in life. I mean, there are some things I'd change, but overall, my 30s have been pretty awesome. So, I won't complain about being another year older. I'm just gonna live it up!



J. L. Jackson said...

Happy Birthday! I am ahead of you by a year. Ugh.

Rae said...

Thank you! Sorry my response is late...haven't been on the blog for a while.

PearlsofAmicus said...

Happy belated,birthday!! I'm in your same boat....34 turning 35 next year. It can be difficult to look at it as a positive thing...this growing older nonsense, but the alternative truly sucks. Being happy with yourself is key..appreciating your idividual life.