F is for...Fragrances

F is for...Fragrances!

I love fragrances! I'm not quite sure at what point did I become obsessed with so into fragrances (perfume/cologne). I DO know how addicted to in love with fragrances I am. I can honestly go broke in a perfume store. And I don't have any one kind of scent that I like. Floral, sweet, fruity, soft...I love them all. I'm like a chameleon when it comes to wearing perfume. It all depends on my mood. I may or may not wear the same fragrance in a row. Bath and Body Works fragrances,  Arabic fragrances, Baby Phat, Mariah vanity is full of different kinds of fragrances.

I actually had way more than this, but I'd gotten rid of most of them when I moved to Abu Dhabi, eight months ago. And within that eight months, my collection of tantalizing scents grew. Again.

Don't even get me started on fragrances for men. I LOVE a good-smelling man! Seriously. I remember when I first moved here to Abu Dhabi, and an Emirati man passed me. I got a whiff of his enticing cologne; I had to do a double take. My nose said, "Follow that smell!" Of course I ignored it. That would've been creepy. And weird. And a bit stalkerish, perhaps?

You do not know the depth of my love for fragrances!



J.L. Campbell said...

Rae, I too have a thing for frangrances. I'm stumped each time I smell and nice perfume and as the owner what they're wearing and they say they don't know. :)

Rae said...

Lol. Sometimes, Iforget what I'm wearing, but that's cos I have so many fragrances to choose from. :D