N is for...Natural

I do plan on visiting other blogs and commenting. I just haven't had the time or the energy. But I will soon.

N is for...Natural

I have an anniversary coming up.

Next Tuesday, April 24th marks the one year anniversary of my being natural. This means I have not put a perm in my hair for almost a year.

I didn't think I could do it. My hair is crazy thick. The perm not only straightened it, but it also made my hair more manageable. My mom first put a perm in my hair when I was a little girl...about five years old. So, for about 30 years, I'd had permed hair. That's a long time. Last April, I'd decided maybe I'd try the natural thing. But I didn't think I'd last (I'd tried before, but just couldn't do it). Then, I was hired to work in Abu Dhabi. I honestly didn't think they would have perm here. And I don't trust just anybody to touch my hair, so that counted beauticians here out. I figured I'd keep doing the natural thing.

And now, one year later, I'm still a naturalista. I love it! Not having to stress about whether my hair gets wet...not worrying about "sweating" out my perm when I exercise...not taking forever to style my hair...being able to wash and go. My hair is even thicker without the perm, but I don't have to spend a long time to style it.

I did the "Big Chop" this past January. For those who don't know, the big chop is when you cut the rest of your permed hair off and become 100% natural. One day, I just realized how tired I was of having two textures of hair (permed vs natural). I took a pair of scissors and started chopping. I still call it temporary insanity cos it wasn't until I was about halfway through when it occurred to me: "I'm really cutting my hair." Yes, I panicked a bit, but by then, it was too late. I don't regret it, tho.

It's funny because my hair seems to be a source of fascination for my students. It's like they try to figure out how my hair is the way it is. They have a habit of touching it...or trying to. Like I said, I don't trust just anybody to touch my hair. 

I enjoy watching my hair grow and seeing my natural curl. I can't wait to see what it will look like when it's long. It may not be as easy to maintain then. For now, I'll enjoy the low maintenance of having short natural hair.
This is a pic of my hair combed out into an afro. Feeling a little Pam Grier-ish. Lol.

Same style pulled back.



Carla Karam said...

What a beauty!! Let me tell you that Natural suits you perfectly!! Visiting from the A to Z Challenge....

Angela Brown said...

The timing of this post couldn't have been more fortuitous. The Chris Rock documentary, Good Hair, has been out for a while but I never really got a chance to see it. I just happened to catch a big chunk of it this weekend. So many opinions regarding hair, hairstyles, the definition of good hair vs bad hair, it is just amazing. I'm glad to see your beautiful natural do.

Go Foxy :-)

Pam Harris said...

This style looks so good on you! I always wish I had the courage to go natural. Who knows? Maybe I'll give it a shot a few years down the line. :)

Karen Strong said...

Your hair is beautiful. I'm 14 months into my transition. Ha, you're making me want to BC!

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Yup, I'm with the rest of this crew - your hair, with your eyes and huge smile - GORGEOUS.
Just last week I read a great post from someone who let her gray hair grow out and it was really tempting, I gotta say.

I saw the Chris Rock documentary. It was awesome. As a stupid boring white girl I had NO IDEA what all was involved with hair like yours. Perms? Weaves? Straighteners? GAK! I'd be leaving it natural, too. Besides, it's HOT.

Karen Walker said...

Your anniversary is my birthday. Love your hair. And you are so so beautiful. Nice to "meet" you on the challenge.

Rae said...

Thank you all for your compliments! Surprisingly, I haven't seen Chris Rock's documentary, but I know all about good hair vs bad hair.

Karen, although I kind of miss my long hair, I do not regret the big chop. It's easier to style with it being one texture.

Happy early birthday, Karen!