M is for...My Twin

I have a twin. Well, not really, but you may as well call her that. She's my sister, born six years after me. But we may was well be twins.

We look alike. We think alike. We even sound alike sometimes. It's kind of creepy how much alike we really are. People are always getting us confused. I don't see how they can confuse us, but they do. I mean, if we really wanted to, we could play some serious tricks on people (insert evil laugh). But we wouldn't do that. Hehe.

This is our relationship in phases:

  • Mother/child: When she was a baby, I treated her like she was mine; helped take care of her.
  • Big sis/Little sis: As we got older (when I became a teen), she was like a typical little sister, always following me around, wanting to be and do whatever I was and did. She was my mini-me.
  • Besties: As adults, we grew even closer and she became my best friend. This is where we're at now.

I'm blessed to have a good relationship with my sister...with my whole family, actually. I have a tight, close-knit family and I am so thankful for that. Not everyone is close to their fam. And not every woman has a sister they can call their best friend. So yeah. I'm blessed.



Shulamit E said...

aww sisters.. I wish I had one

Angela Brown said...

I have a younger sister, very different personalities so not as close knit, but the love is strong.

And look at how you both are so gorgeous, those bright eyes, sparkly smiles and brilliantly wonderful way you pose perfectly together. Your facial features are close in resemblance.

CLR said...

I always wanted a sister. I adore my brother, but thought having a girl in the house to share shoes and hair accessories would have been fun. I too, am blessed with a wonderful family and have acquired some awesome sister-in-laws. They are honestly like my sisters, only we don't look alike.

You two are beautiful!
Have a blessed rest of the A-Z Challenge!

Rae said...

Thanks everyone!

Tanisha, sisters are awesome.

Angela, my sister and I are the same, but different. Our personalities are different, but that's what makes our bond so awesome.

Carrie, I have a brother too. He's in between my sis & I. We're all pretty close. Although he's my little brother, he acts like a big brother. Lol. Takes protecting his sisters very seriously.

Nicole Mc said...

You girls are so beautiful!!

Rae said...

Thank you, Nicole. :D