I is for...In Seconds (Book Review)

Author: Brenda Novak
Genre: Fiction, Romantic Suspense
Release: August, 2011
Source: Netgalley
Rating: 4/5

DescriptionIn the whole state of Montana, there's nowhere to hide. . .

Laurel Hodges has changed her identity twice. She's been on the run for the past four years, trying to outdistance the men who blame her for the death of one of their own. She's finally found the peace and stability she needs, for herself and her two children, in the small town of Pineview, Montana. But just when she thinks they're safe — the nightmare starts all over again.
The Crew, a ruthless prison gang with ties to Laurel's brother, will never forget and they'll never forgive. And now that they've finally found her again, they'll stop at nothing. It could all end in seconds.

Only Sheriff Myles King stands between Laurel and the men who want her dead. 

Review: In Seconds is Ms. Novak's second book in her Bulletproof series (Inside, being #1). Where Inside focuses on Virgil, In Seconds focuses on his sister, Laurel, who now goes by Vivian. She's running from the gang called The Crew, set on revenge. She's left witness protection with her two kids and now live in a small town, Pineview, Montana. Her next door neighbor happens to be the town's sexy sheriff, Myles King. Laurel develops feelings for Myles, but she fights them, believing she can't trust anyone in law enforcement. Myles develops feelings for Laurel, but is still hurting from his wife's death three years ago. Will these two lovebirds be able to get past their hurts and mistrust? And if they do, will The Crew get to Laurel before they can get something started? You'll have to read to find out!


  • The fact that I couldn't put the book down. This is only cos it meant I stayed up til all hours of the night trying to finish the book.


  • The fact that I couldn't put the book down. You know the book's good when you absolutely must keep reading to find out what happens next.
  • Ms. Novak paints pictures with her words. I can see in my head the scenes in the book.
  • I didn't have to read Inside to understand this book. Though I probably would've understood more had I read Inside, In Seconds can be a standalone book.
  • I liked the relationship between Myles and Laurel. They both feel something for each other, but they don't rush and jump right into bed with each other. They took their time. They both had children and they put their children first. 
  • The characters were realistic...not perfect; not terribly flawed that I couldn't stand them. They were just right.
If you love romantic suspense, you'll definitely love Brenda Novak's In Seconds. I definitely have to read book #3, In Close.



Gina said...

I'm not a big fan of romance but this one seems interesting. I might try it! Hope you're enjoying the challenge!

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Rae said...

It's a good book. And tho it's romantic suspense, the romance wasn't the main part. The suspense was. :D

Elizabeth Mueller said...

What a great review, lucky Brenda. ;)


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Grammy said...

Oh, man, I love Brenda Novak novels. She writes some of the best. I gotta get that one at the library tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me of her. Best regards to you. Ruby

Rae said...

Thank you, Elizabeth! :D

Ruby, I've only read one other Brenda Novak book before this one. I agree, she's pretty awesome. I will be reading more of her stuff. Thanks for commenting. :D