J is for...Just My Imagination

No, this post isn't about the song by The Temptations, although I do love the song.

Nope. This post is about imagination. 

As a kid, I had a huge imagination. I had imaginary friends (two, in fact) and I spent most of my time in my room, making up stories and fantasy worlds. My imaginary friends (Trevavay and I can't remember the other one) were as real to me as any living, breathing person. We were the best of friends. I even got mad at my dad once when he (unknowingly) sat on Trevavay. And though I loved reading, I loved making up stories even more. My siblings and I didn't always have the latest toy or game, so we made up things to play. I remember one time, we pretended to be angels in the land of Blue Crystal. Don't ask me where the name "Blue Crystal" came from. If I remember correctly, that's what our kingdom was made up of. We flew around our kingdom (i.e. the house) doing our angel duties, saving the people from peril. We even had a pet named Buttercup (a pink stuffed kitten). I think I spent most (ok, maybe all) of my childhood in my room, making up stories. The lands I made up, the characters that came to mind, they were real to me. I think that's the reason why Bridge to Terabithia was - and still is - one of my favorite kids books. 

Even now, as an adult, I still have an imagination. I LOVE writing. Coming up with the stories; choosing characters; building the world. I love it all. If truth be told, the characters choose me. It's like I can hear them talking to me, telling me what they like and don't like; what they would do in certain situations. No, I'm not crazy (ok, maybe just a little, but let's not get into that). I'm a writer. Only writers would know what I'm talking about.

I love my imagination. I thank God that adulthood didn't take it away. I'm hanging on to my imagination, even when I'm old and wrinkly. It keeps me from turning into a sourpuss adult. It helps me enjoy life. It's cos of this God-given gift that I decided to become an author for children and teens. I think, if I really sat down and put my mind to it, I could write an awesome fantasy book, I have just that kind of imagination. But, for now, I'm happy with writing contemporary, realistic novels. But one day, that fantasy book (or books) will come bursting forth.

I'm not published now but, make no mistake, I will be published one day. I truly believe that God has allowed me to keep my child-like imagination for a reason. I don't think He gave me this gift just to let it simmer in the recesses of my mind. He gave it to me so I can share it with children and teens. I can give them the same kind of enjoyment and satisfaction that authors of my childhood gave to me. So, you all might as well remember my name: Raenice "Rae" Weakly. Your children, students, nieces, nephews, siblings...they just may be reading my books in the future!



DeniseCovey_L_Aussie said...

Hello Rae. Lovely to meet/follow you. Ah, imagination, a fiction writers greatest tool. Never let go of your imagination. With such confidence, I'm sure you'll reach your publication goal.


Pam Harris said...

As an only child, I also had a HUGE imagination. I still do now, or else I wouldn't be pursuing publication. Great post! :)

Rae said...


Denise, nice to meet you too! My mom's middle name is Denise, which is where she got my name, Raenice. :D

Pam, I was an only child the 1st 4 years of my life, which is when I had my imaginary friends.

Christie Wright Wild said...

My children have a very active imagination too, despite (or maybe because of) watching lots of TV shows.

I feel like you WILL be published one day. Don't let go of your determination.

Rae said...

Thank you, Christie! I didn't watch a lot of TV when I was young. I wasn't joking when I said I spent most of my childhood in my room, making up stories or reading. My 7yr old nephew has an active imagination, too. :D