M is for Mad Crushes

Top Ten Ways To Know You Have a Crush (Article Here)
  • You go out of your way to see or hang out with that person.
  • You are starting to worry more about your appearance.
  • When writing a list of positives and negatives about that person, the positives a landslide.
  • You find yourself being clumsy or awkward around them.
  • You find yourself getting tunnel vision (you can't focus on anything but this person).
  • They are not around and you find yourself smiling.
  • You start asking his friends about him.
  • Your friends are getting sick of you talking about her.
  • For some reason, you can not stop teasing this person.
  • You hate going to your Physics class but lately you don't seem to mind.

Crush: an intense but usually short-lived infatuation (

Ahhh! The crush. Books have been written on it. Songs have been sung about it.
Of course, growing up, I had celeb crushes. There was Kirk Camron, Michael J. Fox, Al. B. Sure, Christopher Williams, and Michael Jackson (during his Thriller days...actually, I LOVED him in Smooth Criminal). My biggest celeb crush was Wanye (pronounced Wahn-yay) Morris of Boyz II Men (pictured below in the red cap). Wanye, of the gorgeous smile and the smooth voice (I've always loved guys who can sing). I just knew I'd meet him and we'd fall madly in love, get married and have cute little babies with gorgeous smiles and beautiful voices. Ha!

I remember my first real crush, though. At 15, I had a mad crush on an older guy. He was about 2-3yrs older than me, cute, tall, went to church...what more could I ask for, right? The only thing going against him was he rooted for the Lakers in the '91 NBA Finals. I was a Bulls girl at heart. Of course, the Bulls won. But I digress. I was so willing to look over the fact that he didn't root for my beloved Michael Jordan (another celeb crush of mine). I was shy, especially around cutie pies, so the fact that he actually paid attention to me made me crush even harder. Those top ten ways? Yeah, that was me. Except, I was already clumsy, so it wasn't just him. I didn't tease him cos I was too shy to talk to him, although we did have a few conversations. I didn't ask his friends about him (again cos of my shyness). And he wasn't in any of my classes. We didn't even attend the same school.

My diary, the only diary I have left, is filled with his name. "____ smiled at me today!" "He looked soooo good!" "Does he like me?" I'm sure both my bffs (I had a church bff and a high school bff) got tired of hearing about him, though they never said anything, bless their hearts. My high school bff and I wrote letters to each other (before the days of texting) since we only had one class together. I still have the letters she wrote back to me. And guess whose name is in some of them? Yep. My crush. It was all about _____. When he talked to me...flirted with me? He so made my day! The times he hugged me? OMG, I was done for! I even got a nice slow dance out of it. I went home that night on cloud nine. Sadly, nothing ever came of my crush (much to my poor little teenage heart).

I read those letters and my diary now and think, "Gah! I was soooo....ugh!" I can't even think of the word. Can't believe I was so obsessed about him. At that time, I thought I was being inconspicuous about it. Surely he didn't know how much I crushed on him? Clearly now, I know I wasn't so good at hiding my infatuation with this dude. He knew. I'm turning red with embarrassment now just thinking about it.

As a writer, not only do I use today's teens to help with my characters, but I also go back to my teen days. The times have changed, but those teenage problems and emotions are still the same. It's all apart of being a teen. In the YA I'm writing, Treasure, my main character, has a crush on one of her classmates. She, like me, is shy around this guy. I'm going back to my 15 year-old self...remembering those feelings, the embarrassment, the heartbreak...I'm having so much fun with this, it should be a crime. I'm not the first and only female who's crushed on someone. Nor will I be the last one. I think it's safe to say that "the crush" is a normal part of growing up.

So, tell me. Do you remember your first crush?



Sig Wynne-Evans said...

Such a great post! I remember my first (real) crush in Jr lasted 2 years. I was not one to give up. I recently found a diary from back then. It has entries like :
Dave LOOKED at me today. He must like me.
Dave said hi to me in the hallway. He must love me, but is too shy to say so.
Dave was absent today. My world is over as I know it. I hope he's not dead. Or that he moved away, or got sick of looking at me.

Then....there was my first crush when I was 13...Batman...(Adam West). I don't admit that to very many!!


Nicole said...

When I was a kid, I had a mad crush on a boy who went to my school. I was too scared to tell him so I just became friend with him but I think he knew I liked him (I mean, how can someone NOT know that you like them, you know, lol) and that was one of the biggest crushes I've ever had on the opposite sex in my entire life.

I think that Michael Jackson was almost every girl's crush. You couldn't tell me that I wasn't going to marry that man when I was a kid, lol.

Now, I'm like a serial lover of some sort, as I have a mad crush on a different celeb like every few weeks or so. One day I'm into Vin Diesel and the next week I'm into Henry Simmons from "Shark" when it was on CBS and then I get so over them and start having a mad crush on McSteamy from "Grey's Anatomy".

I've become a little concerned about what my serial celeb crushes may say about whether I lack commitment in real life or not, lol...seriously though....since I bounce from one fantasy celebrity to another, that probably means I'm some kind of imaginary whore!

I need to pick a celeb and stick with him like I did with Michael Jackson from the time I was a little kid up until adulthood....or else I'll need to talk to somebody about my issues!

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Rae said...

Hahaha! Thanks guys for sharing with me!

@ Sig, Yep. My diary was kinda like that. Ahh! The roller coaster of crushdom! He likes me; he likes me not.

@ Nicole, There are several celebs I look at and I'm like He is So. GORGEOUS. But there are only 2 celebs right now I'd say I have a crush on: Laz Alonso and Adam Rodriguez. Oh how my heart flutters when I think of them! *sigh* LOL!

Nicole Mc said...

I had so many crushes...but my first one was with a teenager at church. I was in love. He was so handsome and charming. He always wore a vest and an 80's sidesweep hairdo. He had a girlfriend with the highest bangs I'd ever seen. PRoblem? He was probably 18 and I was like 8. Yeah, not a chance.

Wanye was my fav also!! Loved them!

Rae said...

LOL @ Nicole Mc! Yeah, not a chance.