V is for Vacation

I'm so in need of a vacation...a time to get away from it all to relax and forget about life's worries. This summer, I'll be working at a summer camp, but I'm thinking about getting away if only for a little while. I love the beach. Like seriously. When I become this big time, best-selling author/entrepreneur, I'm going to buy me a vacation house on the beach. Heck, I may even live on the beach. Or at least near it. It's something about the water. Hearing the waves crash and watching the seagulls peaceful. I'm a beach bum at heart. So, here are my top choices for places to vacation. These are only a few of the places on my "Places to Visit" list.


I want to go to Puerto Rico. Every time I get close to being able to go, something comes up and I end up not going. GRRRR! But this summer. I'm going. I'm gonna make sure of that. I've been wanting to go since high school. It's funny cos it was a cutie that made me wanna go. I don't even remember his name or where I saw him. I just remember he was (a) from Puerto Rico and (b) GORGEOUS. I've heard that Puerto Rico is gorgeous. I mean, look at the pics. I can imagine the beaches, the peace, the music, the cuties...I wanna go. So. Bad.


I've been to South Beach with my cousins and sister. We took a girls' trip out there and LOVED it! Sadly, we had to cut the trip short cos my grandfather died. I do plan on going back there.


Look at that water. Look at those mountains. *sigh* Need I say more? I think not.



I've been wanting to go here since the 5th grade. Why? Cos I had a friend named Natasha from here. I loved her accent.



I've been to the Bahamas during a cruise I took years ago. Beautiful! Of course, I wanna go again!



I've never been to Rio, but I soooo wanna go. I even have an in - my aunt is from there. It's only a matter of having the money to go the next time the family goes to visit.



Gorgeous beaches, gorgeous hotels. Who wouldn't wanna go? And I have an opportunity to go teach in Abu Dhabi? If it's in God's will, I'm so there!



Pam Torres said...

I haven't been to any of those. I am also a water person. Put me on a beach so I can hear the waves and I am in heaven. Great pictures!

Adam King said...

I would love a trip to the Bahamas, it looks fantastic.

Rae said...

@ Pam, Thanks! Yes, I'm in heaven when I'm on the beach...especially when the water's as gorgeous as the ones in these pics.

@ Adam, Thanks for commenting! I went to Nassau, Bahamas & it was beautiful!

Sig Wynne-Evans said...

Where is my suitcase??? I wanna go too!!
Puerto Rico!! Home of Barcardi Rum. I can sit on the beach with a little fruity rum drink and be happy. Just one. Ok...maybe 2, but thats it, otherwise I would not remember having fun. And I would sooo want to remember everything!!


Nicole Mc said...

WOW!! These photos are gorgeous. I want to go!! It is my dream that one day I will be in another country doing "research" for my next novel!! lol We have to dream right??

Rae said...

@ Sig, LOL! I was told that I should visit Barcardi Rum when I go. And yes, you'd want to remember everything.

@ Nicole, A big chunk of the novel I'm working on now is set in Miami. I'm thinking a trip is in order...strictly for "research" purposes. Heehee