T is for A Transcendental Story

Transcendental: being beyond ordinary or common experience, thought, or belief; supernatural.

When I was a few months old, my great-grandmother saved my life. I know what you're thinking, "There's nothing supernatural about that. That's normal." Well, what made it abnormal is the fact that my great-grandmother died before I was born.

My great grandmother, GaGa, was a victim of a robbery gone wrong...shot and killed while enjoying a night out. I don't even think she got the chance to find out that my mom was pregnant with me. Seven months later, I made my quiet appearance into this world (remember, I was stillborn). I guess it was kinda bittersweet for my mom. I mean, her daughter was born, but her grandmother, who she was extremely close to, was not around to see the baby.

One night, five months later, my parents were sleeping in their bed while I slept in my crib next to them. Mama tells me that GaGa appeared to her...not in the flesh, but as real as if she were. Mama was so excited, wanting GaGa to meet he new baby girl. She wanted to tell GaGa all about the baby and her new life, but GaGa told her to, "Check the baby." Mama kept begging her to wait and spend time with her, but all GaGa said was, "Check the baby." She started fading away, much to Mama's dismay. Mama begged her not to go, begged her to look at her baby, begged her to stay, but GaGa said, "Check the baby," then she was gone.

Daddy, who didn't see GaGa but heard Mama talking to her, had to shake her awake. After telling him what happened, they decided to do what GaGa had been telling them to do the whole time: check the baby. When they looked in my crib, they saw that I was blue in the face...not breathing. They rushed me to the hospital, where the doctor told them they'd made it just in time. Had they waited any longer, I would've died; I would've been a victim of SIDS, or crib death.

Some people question the existence of angels, spirits (good and bad), ghosts, whatever. I don't. As a Christian, I know the supernatural exists cos they existed in the Bible. During Jesus's time here on earth, He encountered demonic spirits (fallen angels) who possessed non believers. God even used angels to tell of the good news of Jesus's birth as well as His resurrection. I believe that there are angels, both heavenly and fallen, roaming the earth; so many things happening in the spiritual realm that we can't see. And I think it's more...powerful, awesome, and maybe even horrifying, than any book or Hollywood movie can ever be.

In my "R" post, I mentioned collecting angels. This is why. God used one to save my life. I've never met GaGa, but I can feel her spirit with me...almost like she's my guardian angel. I'm told that I'm like her in certain ways, especially when it comes to baking. Mama tells me that GaGa loved to bake. So do I. When I'm in the kitchen, creating some sugary concoction of sweetness, I feel at home. If I'm stressing, and reading/writing doesn't take the stress away, I can always count on baking to relax me. That's when I feel GaGa's spirit the most - when I'm baking. I wish I'd known her in life here, but I will know her in Heaven. If I could use my imagination for a moment, I think after I've worshipped God for being God, praised Jesus for His sacrifice, and marveled at the beauty that is Heaven, I can imagine GaGa being my next stop. I probably won't remember why she's special - for when we get to Heaven, our earthly life will fade away - but I'd like to think I'd be inexplicably drawn to her.

I believe God sends His angels to guard His children, not only cos He said He does (Psalm 91:11), but also because He sent one in the form of my great-grandmother to save me. He knew Mama wouldn't trip about seeing GaGa nor would she be scared. I don't personally know what happened that night, but I do know that I wouldn't be here if not for God. So if you ask me if I believe in the existence of angels, ghosts, spirits, my answer is a resounding YES!



Ann said...

Just stopping by from the Lady Bloggers Tea Party. Isn't it nice how family takes care of you? Even when they're no longer here with us? I've had similar things happen with my Grandpa. Love your blog@

Rae said...

Thanks for stopping by. And it is nice how fam takes care of you.

Mr Lonely said...

nice blog... visited here with a smile, take care always... feel free to visits me back at (A Growing Teenager Diary)... thanks ~~~

NiaRaie said...

Isn't it awesome how uses other things and people to show us what we're missing while simultaneously showing us how powerful and aware he is? Thanks for sharing :)

Traci said...

I'm with you in your beliefs. I'm a Christian too and I know perfectly well that people reappearing is something that's possible. Remember the story about Lazarus the beggar that died along with the rich man. Lazarus went to heaven the rich man to Hades. The rich man asked Abraham if he could send Lazarus back to warn his family. In Ab.'s no he didn't say it wasn't possible. Then there's the story when King Saul went to the psychic and summoned Samuel and Samuel came.

There are many other instances as well where it happens or it's discussed. I think it's totally possible.

I think there are a lot of instances that spirit activity is actually demons messing with people. I've seen all of A Haunting episodes( a show that re-enacts hauntings) and it seems like most are that.

Rae said...

Thanks everyone for visiting! I love this story. My parents tell it so much better of course.